Greg Goins | Graphic Design

Frequency: Branding

Identity & Package Design

The Brand - Frequency is an imagined label for Target Stores unifying their exclusive media offerings. The label is designed to encompass all music listeners in an increasingly fractured music consumption world. The brand encompasses traditional CDs, playlists, vinyl records and music merchandise in a curatorial spotlight program. Frequency exists both to promote major exclusive album launches when possible, and highlight forgotten or overlooked albums.

Packaging SystemFrequency shares a color system and typographic taste with the core Target brand, but retains a unique identity. Featuring a three-tier logo system, the core logotype remains with an implied waveform in different strata for analog, digital and music merchandise. The system subtly communicates the difference in Frequency formats. A clear icon system communicates the exclusive content to each item on an unobtrusive album label inspired by the Japanese obi-strip.